Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1-22-2013 11_03_15 PM



    Eighties rock my run
     Depeche mode and INXS
     Music moves my miles

                                      monday morning
                                      coffee jitters music loud
still i'm half asleep

audience of One
calloused fingers happy heart
inspired to play again 

 i love how the snow
muffles out all other sounds
softly falling down

 love driving alone
music loud, walls resounding
sing like a rock star

on my cool-down walk
mail truck keeping up with me
uh, this is awkward

burning the plow #haiku

can't quite burn it down
i give it, still kicking, to You
my fingers uncurled

insomnia wakes
peeks out, it's time for lurking
perched upon my brain

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