Monday, January 6, 2014

Ihop on hillsborough

Getting ready to shock an  old friend....

yes, i know God can do anything.

God could even do _________ (blank).

yes, I believe.


God COULD also take a mountain and throw it into the sea.

yes, i believe.

But WOULD he?

why?  or why not?

And WOULD he?

why? or why not?

Tell me that, you mortal.

(blowing my nose into a napkin that smells of the pepper packet it was enclosed in plastic with..
..sniff, sniff, achoooo!!)

We pray.

We cry.

(i can't eat.)

We hug. (a real, good hug.)

We agree to disagree.

see you next week, at the lake.

now, across town for some better coffee.  the green mermaid has summoned me to this, one of her satellites. where i can sit in peace, unrecognized, yet still use my partner numbers for a discounted nonfat, no-whip mocha.

So this is what a restless heart must do when it has to roam.  it drives all day, all night, to find a place to spill its soul.  truly i know that my soul finds its content in God alone.  this blog is the plastic tube vaccum thingy at the bank's drive-thru, shooting my thoughts up to God, the Big Guy in the teller window.  only this tube has transparent walls, so people can catch a glimpse of my thoughts if they look hard enough, if they can catch the deeper meaning through the blur.  but its direction is to my banker, God, in the window.  He also lives in my heart.  no matter how fast i drive to get away from Him sometimes, no matter how loud i blare the car stereo to drown out His voice.  don't stop speaking, Lord.  and neither will i...neither will i.

time to leave the friendly but unfamiliar conversations of baristas with their regulars here, feels odd, like i'm eavesdropping on close friends, i know the drinks they speak of and how they're made, but their personal preferences, nuances, i know nothing of.  gotta go.  gotta try out the gym in this place, they have a pool.  worth the drive.  i need a soak.

now i'm done. really. not lying.

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