Friday, January 10, 2014

to be continued....

going under the knife again... here goes...  later alligator!

and yes, that seems to be the story of my life these days: to be continued.

no black-and-white, cut-and-dried, pat answers to the questions, the drama, the journey I'm on.

just continuing on this road.

still.....i'm happy to have gotten some good advice this morning, some new ways of approaching things, trying to be content, a little bit calm maybe? where i am..  and here's who i am, so far... just a little blurb from my diary, a thought that woke me up, once again around 4 am recently... one of the few things i'll share from my utmost secret diary:

I like who I am...and I know my preferences.  Yes, God could do a miracle, but that would change my very being, and I like who I am!  I like that I prefer chocolate to vanilla.  i like that I love cilantro, that I love to sing loud and dance like crazy and be super-silly .. i like that i prefer going out dancing to staying home every night.  oh yes-  my ideal (night out) would go out dancing- crazy WILD dancing with someone who's just as wild and crazy and into dancing (or whatever it was) as I am, not a casual observer/ commentator, but someone not afraid to lose themselves in the pure JOY of CRAZINESS!!!!  That is my preference and I love it.  I own it!  

yup. secret's out.  that's my preference.  that's my voice. hear me roar.

to be  continued.

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