Tuesday, May 20, 2014

holy demons

Slight change of plans today.

Was going to get up, drop off kids at track-out art camp, drive to gym, & slide into the back row of Body Pump class.  Great class of weight-lifting heavy metal but w/the option to take it easy, use fewer plates or none at all on the barbell.  And taking it easy was what i originally wanted to do.  Feeling my muscles shrinking down to flab, doing the ol', what's the word, ATRoPhy number on me, not much to work with, plus  just feeling sad & wimpy, like the world's just beating me down, spirit's lower than a sagging cow udder. (sorry, i'm from the dairy state of wisconsin, weird analogy, i know)

But. Then....

I....   GOT...  MAD!!!!!!!

No, not just a silly little girl-thang in a tif, oh HECK no, this chick is on FI-YERRRRRR!!!! and if i don't unleash these holy demons in a good hour-long class of mean boxing, KA-POW karate and SLAM-BAM Muay Thai moves.....I think I just might hurt somebody.  just sayin.

ohhhh..what's that you say??? Holy Demons? an Oxymoron?? HAH!!! Think Again, SISTAHH!!
I may not look like your holier-than-thou sweet Proverbs 31 angelic prudent little sissy lady right now.  Unn-Unnhhhh!!  Save that for the hymnal-clutching chapel clusters, thank you very much.  This woman's feeling a Holy Ghost-Fired, Ready-to-Punch-out-the-GOLITATH's kind of Fever right now...and don't give me Mr. G's sissy little wife, i don't care how big and fat she is,  she can stay home and crochet some fuzzy bandages for her Giant hubby.  Cuz He Is Going DOWWWWWWWWWNNNNN!!!!!!  (I'm yellin' TIMBERRRRR!!! you'd better move, you'd better dance..huh? oh. and then I shall Dance Like David!! woo-hoo!!

... and if i don't hurry & get my butt into the front row of Mr. Robb's Body Combat class NOWWW....let's just say that there's going to be some carnage.  So there.  Hah!!! Double-HAH!!!!!

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