Sunday, July 27, 2014


in about 11 years
(if i'm still here)
i might start living again.

till then
i am a zombie.

mostly dead
clothed in fakeness
for the sake of
duty and appearances.

so if you see me
limping along
and you think it's just a mirage
this strange creature
stumbling along,
groaning inexplicably under its raspy breath
lunging at passersby
in an insatiable hunger for meat
grabbing a fleshy limb
and collapsing in pure pleasure of the kill,
knawing ferociously,
drooling and gasping...

go ahead,
look away,
adjust your glasses,
it's just a mirage.

see, i'm just fine.
behaving myself nicely
in my nice little
fakey, shallow, self-righteous
carefully constructed
method of normalcy.
not going deep.
heart maintained by machines.
see you on the other side.

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