Monday, August 11, 2014


saw this at the grocery check-out this morning.  article about kim k. (i know, i know, tabloids, shmadloids, rags & paparazzi....but still...)   all i can say is wow.

and, "i know we're nothing alike otherwise, but kim, i feel for you.."

and, why is it that when someone famous reveals this, people believe it because it's on the cover of a magazine, but when some everyday nobody reveals their similar situation, they just get sent to a shrink to try to "fix" them, (which doesn't work and the shrink eventually gives up on them) and all their "frenemies" just tell them to "try this" or "try that" and "just wait, expect a miracle.."

sigh.  but no worries.  it's all good.  i'm learning things the hard way, and hopefully i'll be a stronger person because of it.

In Touch Weekly: Kim Kardashian's Marriage To Kanye West Is All Business

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